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If you are currently suffering with the burden of debt or financial hardship, do not think you are alone in your struggle to get back on your feet. Across the country, millions of Americans have faced similar financial situations, and thousands of consumers have filed for bankruptcy in an effort to start fresh and end their debt once and for all. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, would like to know if bankruptcy is the right solution for you, or simply need a professional opinion regarding your current situation, speak with our compassionate Houston bankruptcy attorneys today. We’re here to help you experience relief from debt – and long-term peace of mind.

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As a family-operated business, we understand that our clients are in need of an unwavering support system, especially in the face of tough financial circumstances. Payne & Associates has not only helped hundreds of clients in the Houston, Texas area successfully file for bankruptcy, but has also helped countless consumers regain control of their finances.

We never treat our clients like just another case number or file. Our Houston bankruptcy lawyers treat you like our very own, making sure you are informed of your rights and options every step of the way. No matter how complex your case may seem, we stand ready to help guide your steps so that you can begin to rebuild your credit in the fastest, most affordable manner possible.

There can be a happy, stress-free life after bankruptcy, and we are here to help you achieve it! Contact Payne & Associates today at (713) 766-0333 to request a FREE initial consultation.

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At Payne & Associates, we offer comprehensive legal counsel that doesn’t just settle for a quick-fix. We provide our clients with the “total package,” meaning we make sure to pay attention to all of your short-term and long-term needs. Once we assess these needs, we can develop an effective plan of action that can help you accomplish all of your current and future legal goals. Why should you settle for just an ordinary bankruptcy attorney? Make sure you work with a Houston bankruptcy lawyer who pays attention to all the little details so you and your family can move forward in the best, most cost-effective way possible.

View our 3-Step Process, which is completely unique to our firm, below:

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  • Free Initial Case Evaluations
  • You Always Work Directly with a Lawyer
  • Reasonable Attorney Fees & Easy Payment Options
  • Friendly and Approachable Representation
  • Taking a Team Approach to Legal Counsel
  • Over 15 Years of Bankruptcy Experience
  • 1) Rebuild Your Credit Score – Fast

    Most attorneys simply look at the immediate effects of a bankruptcy. Not us. We go the extra step and make sure a bankruptcy filing benefits our clients for the long-run. This means we are there to help our clients completely rebuild their lives and their credit scores as fast as possible.

  • 2) Monitor Your Credit After Discharge

    Your relationship with Payne & Associates does not end after a discharge of debt! Even in the months following a discharge, we carefully monitor your credit and how creditors are dealing with your discharge. In some instances, creditors will not remove everything, but we make sure these violations do not occur or impact your score.

  • 3) Ready to Defend Your Discharge, if Needed

    Because we are constantly and proactively looking out for our clients, we stand at the ready to defend your discharge and take action to remove any erroneous information, if necessary. Because we are understanding of the financial pressure you may be under, we will add these services for the same price as a traditional bankruptcy filing.

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