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After Your Bankruptcy, Call Our Houston Lawyers

When you’ve gone through a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, keeping on top of your credit score is of critical importance. Many people, however, do not have the time, the understanding, or the knowledge of how to do it. The Houston bankruptcy lawyers at Payne & Associates are experienced at helping clients rebuild their financial lives. We're compassionate and vigilant, working hard to get you back on track.

After your debts have been discharged, there may still be work to do. Reach out to me for assistance.

Free Credit Monitoring

Unlike many other bankruptcy firms, our relationship doesn't end when your bankruptcy has been discharged. Instead, we continue to work with you on one of the most important parts of the process: rebuilding. Our Houston bankruptcy lawyer works to ensure that your credit is reported correctly, as many creditors will still try to report incorrect data on your credit report.

Following the discharge of your debt, a creditor or reporting agency cannot report:

  • Any debt that is current owed

  • Any debt that is delinquent

  • Existing debt converted to a new type of debt

Your credit report must be monitored very closely to ensure that these items are not reported incorrectly. When you work with us, if we see that something is incorrect, we can contact the appropriate credit reporting agency to get the item corrected or removed and may be able to dispute the error until it is completely removed from your report.

Experience when You Need It

Our goal is to make the process of bankruptcy and post-discharge as stress-free as possible for our clients. Our Houston bankruptcy attorney has more than 15 years of experience working on post-discharge services, and we stand ready to help you through the difficult procedure of rebuilding your life.