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A lawyer from Payne & Associates is ready to provide you with local representation. Our practice assists clients in and around Houston, TX, and we provide advisement on matters involving bankruptcy law. By working with us, you'll receive one-on-one attention from our lawyer, and we'll aim to make sure that you're able to make well-educated decisions about your financial situation.

Payne & Associates is a client-centered law office, and we can work with an attention to detail on your behalf. If you'd like to find out more information about how we may be able to help you, call today and schedule a consultation with our Houston bankruptcy lawyer. Our law firm serves the Houston area.

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Our 3-Step Process

Designed for Your Specific Needs
  • 1. Rebuild Your Credit Score - Fast

    Most attorneys simply look at the immediate effects of a bankruptcy. Not us. We go the extra step and make sure a bankruptcy filing benefits our clients for the long-run. This means we are there to help our clients completely rebuild their lives and their credit scores as fast as possible.

  • 2. Monitor Your Credit After Discharge

    Your relationship with Payne & Associates does not end after a discharge of debt! Even in the months following a discharge, we carefully monitor your credit and how creditors are dealing with your discharge. In some instances, creditors will not remove everything, but we make sure these violations do not occur or impact your score.

  • 3. Ready to Defend Your Discharge, if Needed

    Because we are constantly and proactively looking out for our clients, we stand at the ready to defend your discharge and take action to remove any erroneous information, if necessary. Because we are understanding of the financial pressure you may be under, we will add these services for the same price as a traditional bankruptcy filing.